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Prevent Illicit Image Activity from Impacting on Your Business & Reputation

The storage and distribution of inappropriate and illicit image content on corporate networks can expose organisations to serious and threatening risks including litigation in addition to harmful reputational and brand damage.


PixAlert’s market leading, image analysis and protection software scans resources behind the firewall, helping organisations to rapidly discover the true scope and level of risk from inappropriate images being stored and distributed on networks and by email.

Our software combines the most advanced image scanning detection technologies and best practice case management tools to deliver the ultimate in enterprise illicit image protection.

Enabling Business To:

  • Detect, report and remove inappropriate image & video content
  • Rapidly identify risk and incidents
  • Alert and block email messages containing illicit images and attachments 
  • Gain visibility and monitor network activities continuously 
  • Reinforce corporate governance and policy procedures 
  • Measure legal compliance against organisational and industry standards
  • Image security framework for networks
  • inappropriate image detection on corporate networks

Benefits to Business

Benefit to Business

  • Eliminate and manage image misuse within the corporate environment
  • Protect reputational risk 
  • Safeguard brand Integrity 
  • Minimise potential financial risk and exposure
  • Demonstrate corporate social responsibility 
  • Enforce governance and compliance 

What Our Customers Say

PixAlert’s powerful multi-source image discovery and analysis software is a proven solution and global market leader in protecting corporate reputation, brand integrity and reducing financial risk from the distribution of and storage of inappropriate image content on networks. Since 1999, PixAlert has worked closely with a wide spectrum of enterprises including financial, healthcare, educational, utilities and public sector organisations, deploying our portfolio of advanced, world-class image detection and protection software solutions.

Our customers repeatedly tell us that our image solutions deliver unique user features including:

  • Exceptional scanning speeds – up to 5 times faster output
  • Ease Of Use – non disruptive to business practice 
  • Low cost deployment 
  • Enterprise ready – scalable multi-threaded solution 
  • Lack of visibility by end user
  • Empowering management through visible, meaningful reports with actionable features 
  • Measurable results – continuous risk based security review
To learn about PixAlert’s image detection and management solutions, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or link to our customer case studies section.


PixAlert's Process


Rapidly and extensively scan PCs, Files Servers and Email Accounts (150 different file types) to search and detect for inappropriate and illegal image files in addition to movies, video clips and music files.


Review scan results, categorise and preview results. Audited images are presented in a secure management console and interface.


Removal of reported inappropriate content, images, videos, movies and music


Comprehensive rich reporting features which helps to empower management through meaningful findings and actionable results.


"Ethical and compliance status is critical to our reputation and integrity. Working with PixAlert allows us to minimise risk and provide constant protection to our organisation" Pioneer Investments

"Through PixAlert's solutions, we have managed to meet our moral and legal obligations to manage inappropriate and potentially illegal images" CIE - National Transport Authority for Ireland

"PixAlert’s software provides protection against future allegations and assists in our duty of care as an employer. As part of good governance practice, it helps to ensure that no inappropriate material appears on members monitors" Houses of the Oireachtas, Ireland


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