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ImageGuard MailAppliance

Automated detection of inappropriate & illegal email image content. Round-the-clock email protection.

PixAlert’s ImageGuard Mail Appliance proactively scans email messages and attachments for inappropriate and illegal images. ImageGuard helps protect organisations from the risks associated with illicit image abuse within the workplace, and the increased threat of external distribution through the corporate email system. The solution will identify and stop known inappropriate content, preventing circulation of potentially damaging image content.

PixAlert's ImageGuard MailAppliance Downloadable Datasheet

The ImageGuard MailAppliance connects to the email gateway and scans in real time all inbound and outbound emails held either inline or as attachments.

Key Features of ImageGuard Mail Appliance

  • Real time scanning – inbound and outbound emails and attachments
  • Audits internal mails compatible with SMTP protocol such as Microsoft Exchange
  • Flags suspect materials for review and categorisation
  • No other software scans as many file attachments types including movies, email, zip files, Microsoft Office files, PDFs
  • Provides regular updates of black and whitelists
  • Minimal impact on productivity or mail, only blacklisted content is stopped
  • Comprehensive reporting providing management with up-to-date visibility

Recommended Minimum Requirements

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 (IIS and SMTP services need to be enabled)
  • 8GB Memory, 100GB Hard Drive, Multi-Cores

Image Guard

Customer Approval - What our customers tell us they like most about our product:

  • Real time scanning speeds
  • Low deployment cost
  • Ease of Use
  • Lack of visibility by end user
  • Full audit trail kept for HR case management
  • Ongoing network security safeguard

Keeping your network safe is PixAlert’s business and needs to be your priority. If you would like to contact PixAlert for further information, or if you are interested in requesting a Discovery Audit to gauge if this is an issue within your organisation, please use our Contact Page.

PixAlert's Illicit Image Detection InfoGraphic