PixAlerts Coolest GDPR Features

We are all well aware (or at least we should be by now) of the risk’s organisations take in exercising carelessness when collecting, maintaining, and managing individual’s personal data. 2019 is set to be the year that GDPR enforcement steps up a notch, and already we are seeing an increase in the number of fines being dished out to negligent organisations. But its not all doom and gloom Among the severity of the legislation and standards we are seeing some really amazing innovation take place.

The following outlines ten of the most interesting features Pixalert have developed in recent times.

 “Google” your network 

PixAlert’s GDPR solution scans and indexes your data – letting you “Google” your network. Using specific and multiple search criteria to unearth sensitive and unsecured data across the network. 

Reduce Migration & Cloud Costs 

PixAlert software identifies redundant data or data which may be costing the business money.  Crafted reports on when old files were last used lets you make informed decisions on whether data is of value or adding to your cloud costs. Making GDPR tasks easier. 


Email Watch - We can tell you what emails have been edited? 

Do you know staff can edit sent and received emails? If you did, congratulations – you’re in the minority. PixAlert will alert you to such edits which may contravene company and regulatory data protection compliance. – putting the company at serious risk.


Automate ‘Subject Access Requests’ 

GDPR requires organisations to provide Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) upon request. PixAlert’s DSAR module will produce a DSAR report in minutes which is stamped and logged providing the company with a Bonafede audit trail. 


Run Data Transfer Requests 

Another challenge of GDPR is the need to provide members of the public with Data Transfer Requests (DTR). PixAlert produces DTR reports in CSV or XLS formats – in minutes. 



Manage your retention policies 

Retention of old and no longer required PII increases the risk of data breaches – putting the business in jeopardy. PixAlert helps you avoid the risk by alerting you to such data by comparing against the company’s data retention policies.    


The Right to be forgotten 

The “Right To Be Forgotten” is a GDPR task which brings additional pressure on already stretched IT resources. Let PixAlert identify and remove the appropriate subject matter data and provide a report as confirmation of task completion. 

Inventory – Data  
Knowing your data and where it is sounds almost impossible to know. With PixAlert’s “Data Auditor” solution you can see and understand the type of data you are responsible for… where it’s located… how it behaves against your company policies…and lots more. Take control and manage the data in your position. Control data across several compliance programs and legislation’s – from your desk. 

Niall Kelly