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FOI Finder helps organisations with the following:

1.    Discover -       Any information on record required or requested

2.    Ensure-    effective structures, supports and resources are present in public bodies to facilitate the implementation of FOI in line with best practice

3.    Improve-   procedures and practices to facilitate requests and enhance compliance by public bodies with the Act

4.    Validate -    provide evidence for your Report on Compliance

All this from one screen.

When conducting an FOI, relevant bodies must ensure that the request provides sufficient details so that each search can be focused. It is not acceptable under the legislation to send out general e-mails requesting information/records relating to a request .Once organisations have been provided with sufficient data, information should be sent to those who hold records within scope as opposed to sending out general unfocused searches. FOI Finder provides all organisations who may be required to provide FOI requests a complete solution. FOI finder allows for the efficient search, discovery and management of requests quickly and cost effectively.


A quick look at FOI Finder

  • AGENTLESS technology – Fast and Easy to install

  • Finds FOI information FAST and COST EFFECTIVELY

  • Reduce FOI scope

  • Safe guard against unfocused FOI search

  • Provide proof of all relevant information from requests

  • Ensures that organisation FOI internal policy is best in class

  • Meaningful and Manageable Reports

  • Runs in stealth mode