PixAlert’s Image Auditor is an advanced image discovery software solution which helps organisations quickly discover and eliminate the level of risk caused from illicit and inappropriate image content stored on corporate networks. Image Auditor combines the latest image scanning technologies and best practice case management tools, to deliver the ultimate in enterprise illicit image and explicit content detection and monitoring solutions.

The distribution and storage of illicit and inappropriate images on corporate networks is a significant and growing issue for all types of organisations. Of the thousands of networks scanned by PixAlert, stored inappropriate content has been detected on 99% of them. This presents a serious risk to organisations in terms of vicarious liabilities, loss of productivity and reputational damage.

PixAlert’s automated image auditing solutions help to protect corporate reputation through monitoring and eliminating risk caused by inappropriate image and offensive content residing across all parts of the corporate networks.

PixAlert Image Audior can be run remotely or on a local machine. All files on the selected target media are examined for image content and ranked on the basis of being inappropriate (i.e. pornographic). Audited images are presented to the operator in a ranked manner. The operator can then manage the inappropriate images through the case management interface for reporting and removal.