PixAlert’s advanced security competencies fit with OSN’s approach and will enable us to manage and improve consumer data protection in a consistent and compliant manner throughout our network


OSN the leading pay-TV network in the Middle East and North Africa recently implemented PixAlert’s Data Auditing technology throughout its extensive network of 850 users which span across eight locations throughout the MENA geo-regions.

Widely regarded as an innovator in entertainment technology, OSN has changed the TV viewing experience in Western, Arabic, South Asian, Filipino, Middle East and Africa regions by bringing viewers quality entertainment through 36 High Definition channels and is currently the only network offering a full HD bouquet of channels as well as 3D entertainment. OSN manage a comprehensive portfolio of exclusive rights from all the major studios including Warner Brothers, Paramount, Fox, Disney, Sony, MGM, Universal and DreamWorks with exclusive access to leading television brands including Disney, Discovery Network and National Geographic. The OSN platform is operated by the Panther Media Group Limited and is owned by KIPCO and Mawarid Group Limited.


As a leading consumer brand with exceptional reputational standing, OSN handle, process and hold extensive stores of confidential corporate, customer and credit card data (CHD) within their environment and need to ensure ongoing integrity and security of sensitive data while also remaining compliant with regulatory requirements like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). They required an internal audit solution which would enable them to continuously identify and manage corporate critical data including unstructured CHD while alleviating and controlling the risk of data breach, loss and exposure. OSN also wanted to implement safeguards to ensure that no inappropriate image content was being uploaded, stored or circulated onto their network and email system.


  • Automated, audit process to identify and secure corporate sensitive data and out-of-scope CHD (misplaced, legacy, duplicate and lost)

  • Mitigate the risk of data breach and exposure

  • Monitor and remain compliant with Data Protection and PCI DSS legislative standards

  • Control the storage and circulation of inappropriate image content

  • Protect corporate reputation

  • Further endorse corporate social responsibility

  • Actionable reporting to improve operating efficiencies and enhance best practice standards for managing unstructured data and content


Since implementation of PixAlert’s solutions, OSN now routinely run scheduled audit scans which are centrally analysed to identify and report on exposed or vulnerable data, out-of-scope CHD incidences and inappropriate image content. Once detected, OSN can quickly respond to detected data vulnerabilities by executing corrective, remediation action (classify, migrate, remove) and eliminate offensive image content.

By continuously running scheduled scans, OSN has proficiently gained control of their data environment through proactive review and monitoring. It is helping OSN to efficiently manage their data governance and security requirements through:

  • Enterprise visibility to understand the real scope and scale of exposures and risks associated with corporate critical data, CHD and image content stored across OSN’s network:

o Efficient discovery (ownership, location and usage) of unstructured sensitive data and misplaced CHD components which enable compensating, remediation actions to be readily applied

o Proactive deterrent in reducing the volume of stored and distributed inappropriate image and video content across the network including email

  • Cost efficient path to PCI compliance - reduce scope, remediation and audit workload

  • Measure and monitor User Acceptance policies and Data Protection compliance against industry and legislative standards

  • Diminished risk of reputational damage and vicarious liabilities

  • Effective risk assessment and control to mitigate exposure of data leakage and breach

  • Improved customer security process and structures