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The process has helped us
identify and understand
unsecure data entities that exist
and resolve vulnerabilities


A world leading general insurance company with 20 million customers in 35 countries share their end-user experiences following the deployment of PixAlert’s Critical Data Auditor solution across their network of 24,000 global users.


Information Systems within a multinational environment employing more than 20,000 people, intelligent data discovery is integral to our DLP strategy as a means of identifying unsecured data at rest, protecting sensitive consumer data and meeting rigorous compliance obligations


We turned to PixAlert to pilot Critical Data Auditor as the solution’s capabilities met our required criteria. We initiated the software through installing dedicated servers to run remote scans on targeted network resources including; desktops, laptops, fileserver shares, archives, databases, email (Lotus Notes –key differentiator advantages).

The Results?

Culminating from various audits conducted on a group-wide basis, the following summarises the primary findings, excluding specific results within local operational markets:

►20% of targeted resources were detected to contain critical data vulnerabilities, constituting a High IT Risk and High Reputational Risk

► 8% of the scanned file shares contained critical data exposures. 21% of these results were categorised within the Highly Confidential Breach severity level

► Credit card exposure was considered to be At Risk, with 6% of detected cards considered to be a Highly Confidential Breach. A high proportion of CHD was located outside of the data environment scope defined by the business through manual query process

► 25% of email accounts scanned on mail servers contained critical data results. Analysis revealed that the majority of At Risk data was internally distributed.

► Patterns of usage identified that poor practice had been built into business processes