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The Screen Monitoring Software System

Screen Monitor STOPS things being viewed – on company screens

Whether it’s Sensitive data or inappropriate images we prevent employees from viewing either or both.

Screen Monitor is a very light tool that watches what ALL employees are watching and alerts you if the content is sensitive (like Credit Card Data), pornographic images of if they are watching sex videos.

In real-time “Screen Monitor” will;

Detects if employees are looking at sensitive data such as

  • Payment Cards data

  • Sensitive documents

  • Non approved or restricted information

  • Data belonging to other employees

  • Personally identifiable Information (PII)

  • Alerts you if staff are viewing

  • Pornographic/inappropriate images

  • Videos of a sexual or pornographic nature

Screen Monitor is designed to work in stealth mode if required.

Benefits include:

  • Prevent corporate equipment and systems being used for inappropriate behavior

  • Strengthen to your Compliance posture by preventing sensitive data being viewed

  • Manage the settings from a single source/dashboard

  • Force internal or compliance policies

Certified on all Microsoft operating systems.