Why PixAlert

The consequences of data being poorly managed and or breached can have disastrous effects on organizations, customers and industry wide stakeholders.
If the threat of substantial fines and exposure to litigation was not enough, 63% of people say they would leave an organization if their personal information was compromised. And, these growing risks are as relevant to customer data as to business critical information, processes, Intellectual Property etc.

As such, data control and security are now front and center questions to which the majority of organizations do not have all the answers.

Pixalert’s product portfolio enables its partners to respond to growing regulatory demands on organizations and help them get their most important asset, data, under control. Pixalert’s market leading solutions have been tried and trusted by Partners that serve leading financial institutions, government bodies and global security companies to name but a few.


Expand your customer base and service portfolio by exploiting growing market demand for data discovery and control products and services.

  • Increase your wallet by offering additional products / services to your existing install base and help your customer consolidate purchases.

  • Leverage data discover results into additional value added services such as encryption, additional security, storage, policy management, pen testing…

  • Easy to use and cost effective products means you can dedicate your valuable time and resources to value add projects