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Screen Monitor

Screen Monitor measures compliance to existing corporate policies providing ongoing security protection and reducing potential corporate reputational risk caused by inappropriate image content.

Screen Monitor is a centrally managed software system for real time image monitoring, analysis and reporting of illicit content being displayed on your corporate systems.

Screen Monitor resides on client PCs throughout an organisation, monitoring screen content for inappropriate image and content. If the content viewed on the client’s PC exceeds a set sensitivity level, comprehensive details such as machine name, username, date-time and program used, along with an encrypted copy of the inappropriate image are recorded on the client PC. When the PC is connected to the corporate network, these details are sent to central server located remotely. Authorised staff can easily connect to review the captured images and associated data and if required take appropriate action (such as record the details to a case file).


Screen Monitor allows organisations to monitor end users who are avoiding traditional porn deterrents and are viewing illegal / illicit images using corporate infrastructure.

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