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Your AI Data Butler

Hello, I’m Patrick, your AI Data Butler

Patrick is here to help you manage the people and data within your corporate network.

It's impossible for IT managers to know what data is flowing through their networks. The traditional network controls such as Access Rights can only do so much in a modern privacy obsessed world where the status of data is constantly in flux. Patrick lets you know everything that is happening and can automatically take actions on your behalf

The range of tools and features is growing fast. These are just some of the things that Patrick can do:

  • Data Management

    • Scan and index your entire network

    • Search instantly for any data item anywhere on the network

    • Delete, Encrypt or Quarantine any piece of data in the network

    • Automatically Classify and Mask data

    • Find old data and remove it automatically

    • Find and streamline duplicate documents

    • Setup and manage data retention policies

    • Manage compliance with new Data legislation such as The California Consumer Privacy Act and the EU’s GDPR


  • Behaviour

    • Search for illicit images

    • Review and discourage bad language

    • Monitor emails for poor behaviour


  • AI Tools

    • Run face recognition on any photos or videos on the network

    • Monitor civility levels and sentiment analysis within communications

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