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GDPR Requests

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Patrick can help scan, index and search every server, desktop, email, document, image, video and database in your corporate network

Just some of what we can scan


Data privacy laws are being enacted across the globe. These include The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Nigeria's NDPR and the EU’s GDPR. Patrick is designed to automate your compliance with these laws.

Scan, Index and Search Everything

Patrick can product company wide searches instantly. We scan and index all data in your network into one central SQL database. From this central database we have out of the box GDPR reports and we can also create custom reports to suit your needs.

Automate ‘Subject Access Requests’
Under GDPR consumers and staff can request copies of the data held on them. It is incredible how manual most companies processes for dealing with SARs are. It's crazy to go through each email manually. We have reports and tools that would let you mask, remove and edit data as required.

Patrick allows you to find any piece of information on file and provide it on a moments request. Patrick’s DSAR module will produce a DSAR report in minutes. Reports are time stamped and logged providing the company with an audit trail.

Run Data Transfer Requests
Another challenge of GDPR is the need to provide members of the public with Data Transfer Requests (DTR). Patrick produces DTR reports in CSV or XLS formats – in minutes.

The Right to be forgotten
The “Right To Be Forgotten” is a GDPR task which brings additional pressure on already stretched IT resources. Let Patrick identify and remove the appropriate subject matter data and provide a report as confirmation of task completion. As more detailed Data Privacy requirements spread across the globe Patrick is ideally placed to respond.

Sample GDPR

Data Access Request

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