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Image Auditor

The solution empowers organisations to efficiently and centrally mitigate exposure to litigation action / scandal, measure risk and policy effectiveness and protect their reputation.

Image Auditor helps determine the location and ownership of inappropriate and potentially illegal images enterprise wide across network resources such as PC’s, laptops, file servers, emails etc.

Audited images are centrally presented in a ranked manner and are managed through the case management interface for reporting and or removal. A full audit trail is created.


Just some of what we can scan


Are your staff being exposed to illicit images? Is your organisation exposed to the risk of litigation action and scandal due to inappropriate / illegal images stored on your network infrastructure?

Scandals caused by inappropriate / illegal images stored on your network and the possible ensuing litigation actions can have a devastating impact on your organisations reputation.

It can also cause untold damage to staff members who are victims of such actions.


Image auditor is a network based scanning software solution, which discovers, remediates and reports on inappropriate and potentially illegal images at rest, centrally from one pane of glass. The solution is agentless and requires no additional hardware or software.


Discovered Data can be reviewed, permanently deleted or encrypted and placed in quarantine centrally from one admin machine

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