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Patrick Top 10 Features

Patrick is full of features. These are just some of the most popular with our clients.

1. “Google” your network
PixAlert’s GDPR solution scans and indexes your data – letting you “Google” your network. Using specific and multiple search criteria to unearth sensitive and unsecured data across the network. PixAlert has developed a solution to help recognise and mitigate risk to sensitive data.

2. Power BI IntegrationPatrick scans and indexes all your data into one central SQL database. We plug this database into Microsoft's Power BI of the leading Business Intelligence in the world. Create your our reports and interrogate your data how ever you wish.  Learn more about the power of Power BI here 

3. Identify un-used and duplicate files!
Patrick not only allows organisations to understand where critical data is located, but it also provides information on levels of interaction. PixAlert tells you which files containing sensitive information have gone unused and for how long.

Discover and remove duplicated data across your network. Organisations that have duplicated, aged or irrelevant data can remove this using the De-Duplication tool. PixAlert will reduce vast amounts of content across your organisation reducing data costs significantly.

4. Manage your retention policies
Retention of personal data is going to be paramount for organisations going forward. Retention of old and no longer required PII increases the risk of data breaches – putting the business in jeopardy. It’s very important that data which has served its purpose is removed from the organisation network as quickly as possible. PixAlert helps you avoid the risk by comparing your data against the company’s data retention policies.

5. Inventory & Classification of Data
Most companies are now struggling to know where their data is. PixAlert enables businesses to understand the type of data they have, where it’s located, how it behaves against your company policies and much more. Take control, manage the data in your organisation and manage compliance programs and legislations relevant to your industry right from your desktop.

6. Automate ‘Subject Access Requests’
Under GDPR members of public and staff can make a request to be shown any information held relating to them, this is commonly known as a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR). PixAlert can provide you with software that allows you to find any piece of information on file and provide it on a moments request. PixAlert’s DSAR module will produce a DSAR report in minutes which is stamped and logged providing the company with an audit trail.

7. Run Data Transfer Requests
Another challenge of GDPR is the need to provide members of the public with Data Transfer Requests (DTR). PixAlert produces DTR reports in CSV or XLS formats – in minutes.

8. The Right to be forgotten
The “Right To Be Forgotten” is a GDPR task which brings additional pressure on already stretched IT resources. Let PixAlert identify and remove the appropriate subject matter data and provide a report as confirmation of task completion.

9. Data Monitoring Tools – eg email editing
Do you know staff can edit sent and received emails? If you did, congratulations – you’re in the minority. PixAlert will provide you with a range of monitoring tools such as email edits which may contravene company and regulatory data protection compliance putting the company at serious risk.

10. Manage Staff Behaviour
Discover and manage instances of staff misconduct. PixAlert provides technology that allows organisations to flag behaviours such as bullying, use of profanity and hate speech. Instances of “subtle bullying” such as passive aggression and unreasonable or demanding requests can be found and measured through integration of Microsoft sentiment analysis technology. Find staff interaction with potentially offensive content such as pornography, violence and others through skin pixel identification technology.

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